Our Team

Joe Ford

Co Founder

Joe Ford is a licensed public adjuster and co founder of Dolphin Claims. Joe has been a public adjuster for close to three decades and has dozens of awards and expert recognition to his name for the exceptional results he achieved for his clients. He is a published author and expert public adjuster.

David Levy

Co Founder

David Levy is the co founder of Dolphin Claims. David has been performing public adjuster services for over two decades. He is an industry expert for residential and commercial insurance claims. David has been able to achieve substantial returns for his clients, making his process the perfect solution for Florida homeowners and business owners.

Ronald Osborne

Public Adjuster Business Partner

Ronald Osborne is a successful business entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of companies improve their business operations. Ronald has partnered with Dolphin Claims to ensure consistent exceptional service for Dolphin Claims clients.

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